The Taste of Tropaeolum: Mashua is Like Marmite

The lousy summer and indifferent autumn do not seem to have bothered the mashua one jot. The haul of tubers is just as large as in previous, less challenging seasons. Clearly mashua likes a cool maritime climate. So it's a crop with definite potential, apart from the small matter of one thing which tends to get overlooked in the excitement of armfuls of tubers: its taste. In order to get some idea of the opinion of others, I've set up a short questionnaire; I invite everyone who has placed mashua in their mouths to make their feelings known regarding its suitability as a food. Like the infamous yeast extract paste that some people smear all over their toast, mashua seems to evoke strong reactions.  Where do you stand on this issue?


Ryan Lewis said…
Hi Owen,

I'm yet to try this one but after hearing more about it from you and Carl I think I'll have to give it a go. Will add the link to your survey to my FB and twitter page.

Happy New Year

David said…
I tried to grow these this year and I have only got a few tubers, two large ones per plant and then a few small ones, and most of these have been damaged by frost.

Do you have any recommendations on where I can get the tubers you are using? They are a completely different shape to the ones in your photo.

I only ate one, and it was mixed in with many other vegetables, but now you have said Marmite, that certainly seems to fit the odd taste that these brought to my meal.