Yampah: My Cup Runneth Over

The yampahs reprieved from Death Row haven't taken much notice of the clement intercession I made on their behalf - their development continues at a glacial pace. Unlike an iceberg, however, 7/8ths of their volume does not appear to be located below the surface.  If anything, the shoots and leaves outweigh the roots by a wide margin.  If this suggests lush leafiness, forgive me; the majority of the plants produced just three or four delicate leaves in the spring and then grew no more.  A few individuals looked marginally more vigorous and then blew all that stored rooty goodness by going on to develop flowering shoots.  Only one amongst them somehow survived the rasping radulas of the slugs and is now bedecked with small, frothy parasols, with a faintly parsley-like aroma - not unpleasant. This development has coincided with yet another period of very heavy rain. Under these conditions, a parapluie is much more useful than a sun shade, so I have brought the survivor indoors and am attempting to hand pollinate the flowers using a small paintbrush. If I can't feast on the roots, I might at least get to try the seeds.


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