Will the Cycle Be Unbroken?

I sincerely hope so, because these are my very first self-set oca pods to appear on the self-sown oca seedlings that I mentioned previously.  I've been away for a while and now I'm back; seems like it's a case of absence makes the pods grow longer. With a bit of luck these may yet ripen, thereby demonstrating that the whole oca life cycle can be completed, seed to seed, outdoors, in the Cornish climate.  I know it's not over until the fat pod pops, but I'm really quite excited by the prospect of this latest development.


gosh, I am excited too.
Robert said…
Mine don't seem to flower, or if they do it's too late to set seed.
Rhizowen said…
Madeline - we live in hope of great things from oca.

Robert - Flowering seems to be better in the moister, cooler parts of the country. Where are you?
Robert said…
Birmingham. If I could just get the things to flower I could try breeding them! This year they grew so wel they swamped the sweetcorn they were planted under, but there's never a bloom in sight.