A Lucky Legacy

Last year I brought you the tale of Lucky, my very first self-sown oca seedling, which (I almost said who) survived deradication at my hands during a moment's lapse in concentration with a sharp bladed implement. I managed to persuade the top to develop a new root system and I potted up the small plant as it developed slowly over the summer. Lucky lived on until the winter when both of us were caught out by the cold snap. Lucky's pot did what any pot would do under the circumstances: it froze solid. It seemed like Lucky's luck had finally run out.

Lucky's demise reminded me of The Rare Breed, a film about a Hereford bull, Vindicator, who (I almost said which) is transported to Texas to improve the local longhorn cattle. Vindicator perishes in the harsh winter and there are tears all round when his frozen body is discovered.  Then when the snows melt, some Hereford cross calves appear and it all ends happily ever after.

I wasn't quite so sure that tears of joy would balance those of grief in Lucky's case, but when I tipped out the empty pot the other day, I was mightily surprised to discover some tiny tubers where Lucky had once been. Even more surprisingly, they were apparently alive.  I'm therefore fairly confident that Lucky will get another chance on the roulette wheel of life. I've potted up the tubers and this time I'm making sure I keep sharp hoes well away.

I've also managed to unearth some deep-seated survivors from last year's seedlings, which is heartening. There are at least three varieties here, all born and bred at Oca Acres.  The conclusion is ineluctable: the oca planting season is now most definitely upon me and I must marshall my raggle-taggle army of survivors as they wake from their slumber.  Once more into the trench dear friends.


Your trials remind me of Edison and his search for the right substance to make a light bulb. I admire your persistance