From Tiny Talets Towering Titans Grow

The two new varieties of talet (Amphicarpaea bracteata) are progressing well. I scarified and sowed the aerial seeds a few short weeks ago and now they're up and ready to give life their best shot. I'd better not let them down. I'd better pot them on promptly and make sure that their watering needs are met.  You'll notice that the first pair of leaves have a simple, rounded shape, unlike the more characteristic trifoliate leaves which are just starting to appear. These aren't the cotyledons, though, because germination in talet is hypogeal: the cotyledons stay underground, like runner beans.

As for towering titans, I have to admit that I'm not as interested in their final height so much as the date at which they begin flowering and the yield of those delicious subterranean beans. Never a hostage to delayed gratification, I want them big and I want them now.


The parable of the Talets. And some buried them underground - and reaped a thousand fold. Makes me think ....
Mark said…
I agree, non-delayed gratification is good! LOL
Rhizowen said…
Veg Heaven - it's always good to get some biblical quotes in - thank you. I wish they would yield a thousand fold.

Mark - I don't want pie in the sky, I want talets in the ground - now