Radix Reaches Out

My rooty monomania seems to know no bounds.  First step to world domination is to gather around you a bunch of fellow conspirators. Maybe I mean megalomania.   In any case,  I am cordially inviting those with an interest in alternative root crops and social media to join my Facebook group: Radix Root Crops. My hope is that this will provide you with the opportunity to escape my purple prose and act as a platform for sharing the good, bad and indifferent experiences you've had with growing (and breeding!) oca, ulluco, yacon, mashua, hopniss and the myriad other neglected root and tuber crops: there is much to be learned.

So my first question is - who's got ocas flowering at the moment and (even more importantly) who's got seed pods forming - h/t  Radix Root Crops.   Let's build up a picture of how oca behaves in a range of locations.


Catofstripes said…
have joined you on FB but as I said, nothing to see here.
Rhizowen said…
Thanks Catofstripes

All contributions welcome - no result is still a result. If the ocas aren't up to much, I bet the ullucos are pretty unimpressive as well. Sounds like you live in yacon country to me.
SimonS said…
I'm not a "facebooker" so regrettably will not join but can report zero flowers from oca (two types in three locations) in North Surrey. Plants are healthy enough so fingers crossed.

We are also growing ulloco but weren't able to source yakon and I have to admit mashua & hopniss are totally new to me.

Great blog btw - will keep coming back for updates.
SimonS said…
A sort of p.s.

Reading through your blog I see you are interested in engaging volunteers (tossers)& would be very happy to be included.

Rhizowen said…
SimonS - thanks for your messages. All information is gratefully received, wherever it is posted. When they flower - have a look at the flower structures - if you've got two different stylar morphs then seed set may be a possibility. Details on my blog.

How's the ulluco doing? If we can get that to form true seed it would be a major breakthrough. Got a feeling that it's going to be tricky.
brambonius said…
I know I'm probably 2 years too late, but I just applied for the FB group (Bram Cools). I've been growing some Oca's (2 types, white and reddish)and some other weird stuff lately, and I'll try Mashuah this year. If I ever have anything interesting or seeds from oca I'll report it. (If tree spinach, some unnamed Amaranth and Jerusalem artichoke don't take over and make a jungle out of everything...)