Jingle Bells This Ain't

'Tis the season to get all poetic, so here's a thinly veiled, angst ridden autobiographical composition, Derriford Infirmary Blues (with apologies to Johnny Cash)

I hear that ambulance coming, arriving at my door, it's taking me to Derriford,
I need their help I'm sure
Now I'm stuck in isolation with drips all in my arm
Bilateral pneumonia's done me some real harm

It started with a temperature, a cough and now it's worse
I surely need a doctor, or failing that a nurse
Cos I didn't see it coming, low O2 in my brain
Doc, please whup that lung infection, so I feel right again

Staring at the ceiling, I cannot sleep at night
Nosebleeds, nausea, breathlessness, doctor is this right?
Have faith in antibiotics, they will see you through
Son, take your Doxycycline and Amoxicillin too

I've left the Derriford doctors and three weeks have elapsed
It seems like bloody ages since my poor lungs collapsed
But now I'm doing better and I'm back on my on my feet
Just a little while longer and I can walk the street

Merry Christmas


IAP said…
Here's a photo to cheer you up: