My Maukas Just Multiplied

I have just received, courtesy of fellow conspirator Frank van Keirsbilck, cuttings of two new varieties of mauka. The two varieties come with simple, yet profoundly descriptive Spanish names: Roja (red) and Blanca (white). Roja looks similar to CIP 208001, the variety which both Frank and I grew from seed last year. Blanca lacks the redddish coloured stems of Roja and 208001 and has noticeably paler leaves. I wonder whether the flowers will be white, rather than the pale purple of 208001.

I like a good picture as much as the next phytophanatic, but I think I'll restrain my snap-happy tendencies until the new starlets are a little bit bigger and more photogenic. For now I've got them in intensive care until they're properly rooted. When they've got a good crop of leaves, I'll host a suitably glitzy coming out party. You are cordially invited. RSVP.