Off with their heads!

Do not adjust your sets.  This image of my oca seedlings is different from the previous one.  We all know how new parents love to record the minutiae of their offspring's development and share it with their friends and anybody else who sticks around long enough.  Now I'm doing it.  

The ungainly, floppy monsters which had, somehow, developed from those demure little seedlings, were clearly in need of repotting.  It was a bit of a tussle untangling the stems, but I managed it.   When I'm satisfied that they've survived being transplanted, I'll decapitate them and use the severed heads as cuttings.    On the subject of heads, I make the total count to be around twenty new oca individuals.   My kid didn't just come first in the hundred metres, nor did she take the role of Mary in the school Nativity play, but I do feel quite proud. 


orrflo said…
They're looking good!! And the colour of some stems is deeper-red compared to others, so these are likely to produce some nice-looking reddish tubers. Do you know which parents were used for the seeds?