Worra Lorra Oca

Just a quick picture post - an update on the progress of my oca seedlings.  

I lost a few to damping off - they went flaccid and floppy and a gentle tug revealed them to be rootless.  I felt a bit legless myself at that moment.  After the horror had subsided, I cut off the roots and sliced back further  into healthy looking hypocotyls. I then  potted them into vermiculite and they have since started to grow new roots.  So maybe I didn't lose them after all.   The ones below have escaped intensive care so far. 


Mybighair said…
They're looking good. I'm not sure if it's the lighting, but one seedling (the one in front of your finger tips) looks to have dark glaucus foliage.

It'll be interesting to see what tuber colours arise from your crosses. Maybe you'll be lucky and develop an entirely new colour for the UK.

I found some pictures showing the range of colours available in Oca (see the links) and they are much more diverse than those we currently have.



Rhizowen said…
Thanks for the comment Mybighair

I think the glaucous foliage you describe is an artefact of the camera flash. There are some differences in stem and leaf colour between the seedlings though.

Thanks for the links to the mouthwatering oca images.
It will be interesting to see what colour tubers the seedlings produce. Let's also hope there's some variation in maturation times. In my dreams I see a day-neutral black oca........
Mybighair said…
I'd settle for day neutral in any colour, but a rich purple or black would be a bonus.
Anonymous said…
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